Autel IM508 Adds Subaru XV GT 2021 Smart Key Success

Autel MaxiIM IM508 Key Programming Tool can add smart keys for 2021 Subaru XV GT via OBD successfully. Subaru key chip: 8A RF430, 433.92MHZ FSK. More supported immo features please check below:


IM508 IMMO Car List: Subaru XV(EU)

Year System Add key All keys lost Remote learning IMMO part replacement
2012-2020 Immobilizer √ (by OBD) √ (by OBD) √ (by OBD) ECM, CM
2012-2020 Keyless system √ (by OBD) √ (by OBD) × ECM, ESCL


Autel IM508 Adds 2021 Subaru XV GT Key by OBD

Prepare a working key & a new key.

Plug Autel IM508 connector into car OBD.

Turn ignition on.


IMMO >> Subaru >> Manual >> Selection >> Asia >> XV >> 2012-2020 >> Smart key >> OK >> IMMO status scan


Registered keys: 2

Add keys(guided) >> Start

This function is for learning(Adding) key. Press “Yes” to continue.

During the learning period, please make sure that all doors are in current positions.


Bring 1 registered key close to Start button.

After hearing 1 beep, put the key to passenger seat.

Bring the new key close to Start button.

After all keys have been registered, press “OK”.

After hearing 1 beep, press “OK”.


Number of registered access key: 3

Turn off ignition button.

Use the learned keys to turn on ignition with 60s.

Program success.


Test the new key.

Remote is OK, and start car OK.



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