Autel Elite II Reset Idle for 2013-2019 Chevy Camaro

Today we have this 2013 Chevrolet Camaro to perform an idle research. Because the idle is a little bit crazy: it goes to up and then it goes down and up. So we need to fix the idle with Autel Maxisys Elite II, which is a lot quicker to save your time.


The possible reasons why idle could be high:

  1. You change the throttle body.
  2. You clean the throttle body.
  3. You have an air leak and that can cause the engine to idle high/low and all that.


After identifying car model, enter into:

Engine control module >> Special function z >> Idle learn

As we can see, the throttle body idle air flow compensation is 59, and it’s off.

So when it’s off, it should be at 0 percent.

Press “Reset”.

The value has been reset to 0.


That’s what we should see always a zero. If they change the draw body, disconnect the battery or anything like, it just goes crazy.


Finally, we’re gonna test the car.

Turn ignition off then on to see what happens.

It’s a lot better now.

As you can see, the idle came back to be normal.


Sometimes you don’t get caught, but once you start driving the car for a while, you’re gonna start getting a code for the idle being too high or too low. It depends on the position when you cleaned it or when replace the throttle body.


This is how to fix Chevy idle problem with Autel Elite 2 Scanner.

More tests to be continue…


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