Autel Elite II Fixed 2015 Nissan Rogue Low or High Idle

Today we’re going to do a reset on the throttle body, actually the idle relearn procedure for 2015 Nissan Rogue. The customer came and he’s complaining about the revolutions being fluctuating a little bit up and down sometimes when he does a stop. So what we’re gonna do next is to fix the problem with Autel Maxisys Elite II Scanner.


After identifying car model, go access

Hot function >> Throttle >> Idle air vol learn


This function make the ECM to learn the iacv-aacv position to keep engine running at normal rpm after replacing throttle body or ecm, or when idle, ignition timing out of specified range. This learning mode must be performed when performing this function. All following condition must be met, if anyone is not met, even moment, the adjustment process will not be completed.

  1. Battery voltage: >=12.00v(idle).
  2. Engine coolant temp: 70-100℃.
  3. pnp switch on.
  4. Electric load switch: off (a/c, headlight, rear defoger).
  5. For the vehicle equipped with day running light, please turn light switch to 1, only small light on.
  6. Fan blower: off.
  7. Steering wheel: middle position(straight ahead).
  8. Vehicle speed: stop.
  9. Air cond sig: off.
  10. Pw/st signal: on.
  11. Heater fan sw: off.
  12. Press start button, a message “please wait for 5 min…” is displayed.
  13. A/T: depress the brake and shift the gear selector into R to make the engine idle stably.
  14. M/T: disassemble the air filter, block the air inlet with your hand, and drop the idle speed below 1,000 rpm. In this case, the learning will be successful 10s later. (Note: blocking the air inlet must not cause the engine to stall.)



  1. Operation menu varies with vehicle model.
  2. Engine may stall when the gear selector is shifted into r, which is normal phenomenon. After exiting the software, engine will idle properly when re-started.
  3. The effect will be better when water temperature is below 80℃. if water temperature is tool high, please use running water to cool the water tank.

Press “OK”.


Automatic matching >> Start


The Autel Elite 2 is gonna execute and I can feel the car right away dropping the RPMs. As you can see, I already dropped a little bit lower than that. It was about 1000 RPMs and it says already completed.


Let’s turn off the car then turn it on again. Turn on the AC all the way up. As you can see, it’s staying between that. We’re gonna do a little bit of rubbing, make sure we have that already addressed. Then we’re gonna turn off the AC, and we see here it’s dropping a little bit more where it’s supposed to be. So every time you turn on the AC, it’s supposed to go up, just a little bit up, not too much, which is normal. Easy is on, that’s all he needs to go. Just at that line right there.


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