How to use Cloud Sharing Report on Autel Diagnostic Tablet?

Autel Automotive Diagnostic System tablets are now supported cloud sharing reports via text, email and QR code. Covering from 808, 906, 908, elite and ultra series like Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO, MaxiSys MS908S Pro II, Elite II Pro, etc. Always keep your software up to date, and read the article to learn.


How to use Autel Cloud Sharing Report?

  1. Save Report to Cloud

Diagnostics >> Trouble Codes >> File button >> Report to cloud >> Enter report details to save >> Continue >> Close

Report saved successfully!


  1. Share Report via QR Code, Email or SMS

Data manager >> Cloud Report >> Select a report >> Share

Now you can scan the QR code, send email or SMS to share.


  1. Manage Report

Data manager >> Vehicle History >> Select a diagnostic record >> More

Now you can view PDF, print, email, get report or delete report here.


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