How to Pair & Upgrade Autel BT608 VCI Firmware?

This is a guide on how to pair Autel MaxiBAS BT608 VCI & upgrade VCI firmware for the first time. Read the article carefully to learn.


Pair Autel BT608 with VCI via Bluetooth

  1. Connect the VCI to a vehicle or USB power source, select “Settings” from the main screen and tap “VCI manager”.


  1. Your Autel BT608 tool will automatically start scanning for available VCI devices. Found devices are listed on the bottom of the screen. Press your VCI device serial number to pair the tablet with VCI.


  1. A green Bluetooth icon will display when the tool and VCI are paired.


Upgrade Autel BT608 VCI Firmware

  1. Connect the VCI to a vehicle and turn ignition: Settings >> VCI manager >> Firmware upgrade >> Detect Firmware
  2. A dialog box will display when new firmware version is available. Select “Get the new version” to download the new VCI firmware.



Only registered Autel tools can download software updates.



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