Autel TESKIT Tesla Diagnostic Cables Connection Guide

Autel TESKIT Tesla Diagnostic Cables are used to activate factory mode, diagnose Tesla S and X vehicle models with MaxiSys tablets. Including 3 cables, plug and play. Applicable for Autel MS908S Pro, Elite, Elite II, MS909, MS919, Ultra, Ultra Lite scanner.

Autel TESKIT Unboxing
1pc × TLAN001 Cable
1pc × TCAN001 Cable
1pc × CANC002 Cable
1pc × Connection Guide

Adapter Cable Supported Model Model Year Connection Port Connection Port Location Function
TLAN001 Model S, Model X All X861 On the back of instrument cluster Activate factory mode
2015.9- X863 Below the central control screen Diagnose LAN related systems
-2015.9 On the left side of instrument cluster
TCAN001 2015.9- X437 Below the central control screen Diagnose CAN related systems
TCAN002 -2015.9

Autel Tesla Diagnostic Coverage

Tesla Diagnostic Adapter Required Tools
Torx T20 socket
Plastic crowbar
10mm deep socket

Preparation Before Disassembly
Warning: be sure that vehicle power is off before disassembling.

  1. Tab the lower-left corner of the central control screen in the following sequence: Vehicle Icon >> Safety & Security >> Power Off.
  2. Disconnect the negative cable of the 12V battery at the front compartment.
  3. Disconnect the first responder loop on the right side of the 12V anxiliary battery.

Disassembly Steps

  1. Remove the side cover of the instrument panel from the vehicle, and then remove the screws behind the side cover.
  2. Remove the lower dash trim from the vehicle.
  3. Remove the gasket on the top of the instrument cluster.
  4.  Remove the fixing screws(2 pcs) between the top pad and the instrument panel carrier (torque 1.2Nm).
  5. Release the fixing clips(2 pcs) between the steering column cover and the instrument cluster frame.
  6. Remove the instrument cluster frame from the vehicle.
  7. Remove both the outer face-level vent and the inner face-level vent from the vehicle dash.
  8. Remove the instrument cluster from the instrument panel carrier to check the harness connection.
  9. Disconnect the x861 from the backside of the instrument cluster.
  10. Connect the diagnostic cable TLAN001 to the instrument cluster connector X861.