Autel TESKIT Tesla Diagnostic Cables Connection Guide

Autel TESKIT Tesla Diagnostic Cables are used to activate factory mode, diagnose Tesla S and X vehicle models with MaxiSys tablets. Including 3 cables, plug and play. Applicable for Autel MS908S Pro, Elite, Elite II, MS909, MS919, Ultra, Ultra Lite scanner.

Autel TESKIT Unboxing
1pc × TLAN001 Cable
1pc × TCAN001 Cable
1pc × CANC002 Cable
1pc × Connection Guide

Adapter Cable Supported Model Model Year Connection Port Connection Port Location Function
TLAN001 Model S, Model X All X861 On the back of instrument cluster Activate factory mode
2015.9- X863 Below the central control screen Diagnose LAN related systems
-2015.9 On the left side of instrument cluster
TCAN001 2015.9- X437 Below the central control screen Diagnose CAN related systems
TCAN002 -2015.9

Autel Tesla Diagnostic Coverage

Tesla Diagnostic Adapter Required Tools
Torx T20 socket
Plastic crowbar
10mm deep socket

Preparation Before Disassembly
Warning: be sure that vehicle power is off before disassembling.

  1. Tab the lower-left corner of the central control screen in the following sequence: Vehicle Icon >> Safety & Security >> Power Off.
  2. Disconnect the negative cable of the 12V battery at the front compartment.
  3. Disconnect the first responder loop on the right side of the 12V anxiliary battery.