Autel IM608 II Program 2021 Ford Ranger All Keys Lost

Hello! Today I’m working on a 2021 Ford Ranger with all keys lost. Next I’m gonna use Autel IM608 II to program a new key for this car. As it’s active alarm, go ahead and put the new key to turn ignition on.


IMMO >> Accept >> Vehicle Detect >> Ford >> Confirm VIN, OK >> 2019-2022 >> Blade key >> Yes >> Control unit >> Immobilizer(CAN) >> Immobilizer remote control learning >> Number of keys

Learned keys: 2

Press “All keys lost”.



Insert the key to be learned and turn the ignition on.

Please confirm is the alarm active? Yes

Open the drivers door. With the door open, use a screwdriver to set the door latch to the closed and locked position(as if the door was closed and locked) keep the door in this position until the keys are programmed.


Please wait for approximately 10 minutes until the vehicle makes double horn sound, after you hear the double horn beep, press OK to continue.

Attempt number: 1

Data is reading, please wait about 10-15 minutes…


Select yes if you want to clear all keys, select no if you want to add keys without clearing. If you select yes, you have to program 2 keys to start the car.

Press No.

Learned keys: 2

Turn the ignition off.

Insert the key to be learned and turn the ignition on.

Learning key, please wait…


Current number of keys is: 3

Learning successful.

Press No to complete.


Let’s try to start the car. The new key can exactly work.



This is using Autel IM608 Pro2 to program 2021 Ford Ranger all keys lost successfully.



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